Maine Natural Gas Corporation (“Company”) shall furnish gas service under these service classifications and these Terms and Conditions, as approved from time to time by the Maine Public Utilities Commission (“MPUC” or the “Commission”).  This Schedule may be revised, amended, supplemented, or otherwise changed from time to time in accordance with the laws of Maine, and such changes when effective, shall be subject to the MPUC Rules and Regulations as effectively as though originally incorporated therein. A copy of the currently effective tariff is available at any business office of the Company.



Residential Sales Service

  • Customer charge:                $24.34 per month
  • 1st 50 therms:                       $0.3920 per therm
  • Over 50 therms:                    $0.3480 per therm


 General Firm Sales Service – GS1

Available to non-Residential sales customers with annual consumption less than 50,000 therms per year   

  • Customer charge:                $34.77 per month
  • 1st 50 therms:                       $0.3920 per therm
  • Next 950 therms:                  $0.3480 per therm
  • Over 1,000 therms:              $0.3050 per therm


Large General Firm Sales Service – GS2

Available to non-Residential sales customers with annual consumption greater than or equal to 50,000 therms per year       

  • Customer charge:                $260.79 per month
  • 1st 1,000 therms:                  $0.3480 per therm
  • Next 4,000 therms:               $0.3050 per therm
  • Over 5,000 therms:              $0.2600 per therm



Access Controller – is a party known to the Company to be in control of access to the metering equipment of a customer, and to have an active account of its own with the Company.

Actual Reading – is a meter reading obtained by a Company employee or its agent from either the meter or a remote registration device attached thereto.

Amount Overdue – means an amount that the Company has properly billed to a Customer that has not been paid in full by the due date of the bill as provided in Chapter 815 of the MPUC Rules and Regulations.  The due date shall not be less than 25 days after the bill is mailed or hand delivered to the Customer or as further defined in Chapter 870 of the MPUC Rules and Regulations.

Applicant – means any person, company, or other entity who applies for natural gas service and who is not a customer of the Company.

Base Level of Usage – shall mean a normal level of usage based upon the previous three (3) years of usage or, absent such history, a reasonable estimate by the Company.

British Thermal Unit (BTU) – the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of one (1) pound of water 1o Fahrenheit at 60o Fahrenheit.

Business Day – is any Monday through Friday when the Company’s business offices are open.

Cash-Out – shall mean the resolution of imbalances at the end of a period, usually a month, through cash payments.

Ccf – shall mean one hundred (100) cubic feet.

Collection Fee – shall mean the amount charged to a customer if the Company sends an agent to the Customer’s premises to disconnect service due to non-payment and the overdue amount is paid pursuant to Section 10 of Chapter 815 of the MPUC Rules and Regulations.

Commission – shall mean the Maine Public Utilities Commission or the MPUC.

Company – shall mean Maine Natural Gas Corporation

Core Customer – shall mean a customer that has no viable alternative fuel and relies on the Company for gas delivery and/or commodity service.

Critical Service Customer – shall mean any Core Customer that heats any building with natural gas including:  residences, apartment houses, prisons, dormitories, nursing homes, hospitals, hotels, and other buildings where persons may dwell on a permanent basis.

Cubic Foot (CF) – For sales at all pressures or where an orifice type meter is used, or a displacement type meter, with pressure volume or time devices, or for which pressures are recorded or taken or having incorporated into it, devices to correct to a standard pressure or temperature base, is used, a cubic foot of gas shall be that amount of gas which occupies one cubic foot at an absolute pressure of 14.73 lbs. per square and a temperature of 60 degrees Fahrenheit.  To determine the volume of gas delivered, required factors such as pressure, flowing temperature, specific gravity and deviations from the laws for ideal gases shall be applied.  The average atmospheric pressure (Barometric Pressure) shall be assumed to be as listed below by region.  The temperature of the gas flowing through the meter or meters shall be corrected at the meter.  The gas shall be measured in accordance with methods in use in the industry generally and recommended by the Gas Measurement Committee of the Natural Gas Department of the American Gas Association, applied in a practical manner.