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Why Switch to Natural Gas?
  • Natural gas is the best energy choice for people … and the planet we live on. It is clean and efficient.
  • Natural gas gives you comfort and reliability – at an economical price.
  • No matter the season or weather, natural gas is one of the safest and most reliable sources of heating.
  • Choosing natural gas promotes energy independence: There is an abundant domestic supply.
  • Choosing natural gas for heating is an environmentally responsible way to get the comfort and reliability you need today.
  • Natural gas has an immediate positive environmental impact. Alternative and renewable sources now meet only six percent of our nation’s energy needs.
  • Facts About Natural Gas
Here are some frequently asked questions about converting to or adding natural gas to your home.

Q. How do I know if natural gas service is available in my neighborhood?
A. Just email us or call us at 1-877-867-1642 with your street address, and we’ll tell you whether we have a natural gas main near your home. If we do, there is usually no charge to connect your home to our gas main with a service line.

Q. What if my home is not near a natural gas main?
A. Depending on the distance between your home and our gas main, we may still be able to serve you.

Q. I currently heat with oil. What are the benefits of changing to natural gas?
A. If you heat with oil, you could be experiencing the following problems:

Frequent oil deliveries
Unpredictable oil prices
The high cost of maintaining old oil heating equipment
Sooty walls, carpeting, furniture and draperies requiring constant cleaning
Leaky oil tank (and the high cost of clean-up)

Heating with natural gas offers the following advantages:

Natural gas burns cleaner than oil
Natural gas is reliably supplied
Rates are stable because of government regulation
Natural gas heating equipment allows for a higher level of efficiency
Switching to natural gas is simple and affordable

Q. I currently use propane. What are the advantages of changing to natural gas?
A. Since propane prices are not regulated, they can rise quickly when supplies get tight in winter. Heating with propane also requires you to have a storage tank on your property, and you have to pay your supplier every time it’s filled. With natural gas, you don’t need a storage tank; you receive it through underground pipes, as you need it. And you pay for natural gas only after you use it.
Converting your propane furnace, boiler, water heater, range or dryer is easy. You don’t have to buy new appliances; just have a qualified contractor adjust your current propane appliances to run on natural gas.

Q. Who should convert my systems to natural gas?
A. Only a qualified contractor should remove your old equipment and install a new natural gas water heater, furnace or boiler. Call us at 1-877-867-1642 or click here.

Q. I already have natural gas service in my home for my stove. How can I convert other systems to run on natural gas?
A. You’ll need to have a qualified contractor do the work. Call us at 1-877-867-1642 or click here.