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We have a new look! Our new logo is a reflection of our past and a vision of our future as an Iberdrola USA company. The new logo embodies our 13-year tradition of bringing affordable heat to Maine and Iberdrola’s focus on innovation and the environment.

“We took the best attributes from our local Maine Natural Gas brand (affordability, familiarity, trust, safety, reliability and outstanding customer service) and combined them with the best attributes of our global Iberdrola brand (innovation, investment for the future, nurturing the community and environmental responsibility) to create a new identity that is more than the sum of its parts,” said Darrel Quimby, vice president of Maine Natural Gas.

We’re not replacing our old logo all at once – our new logo will begin to appear in different places over time. You’ll first see the new logo in our advertising and at mainenaturalgas.com.  Company facilities and vehicles will display our new logo later as we refurbish existing signage or do routine vehicle maintenance. And, while our logo is new, our name remains the same and you can still rely on the people at Maine Natural Gas that you’ve come to know and trust.

The Iberdrola USA Family:



The green leaf in the logo represents respect for the environment. The blue and orange drops represent sources of energy tapped by Iberdrola around the globe – blue for wind and water, orange for natural gas and the sun. Learn more about Iberdrola USA’s commitment to the environment and renewable energy at IberdrolaUSA.com.

Download our NEW logo here

To download the Maine Natural Gas logo, right click here and then select “Save Target As.”