Check for gas availability; find a contractor, and more.

The first step in converting your home to gas is to check for gas availability in your area or by calling Customer Service at 1-877-867-1642.

Once gas availability has been determined, converting your home to natural gas involves the following straightforward steps:

Utility locates

You will see some painted marks on or near your property. These locate your water, phone, sewer, and electrical lines and the gas main in the street. The proposed route for the new gas service line to your house will be painted in white.

Your service line

A contracted crew will install the service line from the street to your home. If digging is required, the contracted crew will restore your landscaping.

Your new gas equipment

Within 90 days of the date gas service is completed, have at least one gas appliance properly installed at the new service location by a natural gas certified contractor. (Note that all gas piping and appliances you have installed must meet National Fuel Gas Code and manufacturers installation standards).  To find a list of contractors click here.

Activating your gas service

After the equipment is installed, your conversion contractor will need to call 729-0420 ext. 101, a minimum of 24 hours prior to expecting your gas service to be turned on and schedule a turn on date and time. The conversion contractor will need to complete and sign our Gas Appliance Inspection Certificate (GAIC).


Relax and enjoy the performance, comfort and peace of mind that natural gas provides!